To walk or not to walk... that is the question. (And one I've already answered.)

Tomorrow is graduation day. I'll officially go from being a Master's candidate to actually having a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance.

At least, I think I will.

See, I've decided not to participate in the graduation ceremony. The way I look at it is that I would probably be the oldest person there in a cap and gown... and it being spring graduation means there will be a zillion people participating. Plus, seriously, how many times does a girl really need to wear a mortarboard on her head? I'm not into all the hoopla and the long ceremonious walk to shake somebody's hand as they hand me a piece of paper. It's just not that big a deal to me, and I've learned through experience that it doesn't always turn out as expected anyway.

I participated in my undergraduate graduation ceremony - it was mandatory - and when I received my diploma I looked at it to see they had actually spelled my name wrong. So I went through the whole 3 hours looking forward to seeing my name on that piece of paper, just to open the envelope and see someone else's name. Well, not really. It was my name. Just different than I was used to seeing it because, HELLO!!!, it was spelled incorrectly.

So this time around, I sent $10 to the appropriate office in order to have my diploma mailed to me. I know I'm covered because the check has already cleared. So in my mind, when the rest of the spring class graduates, that means I've graduated, too.

But not everybody agrees with that line of thinking.

I was having a discussion with my favorite male human last night, and mentioned that this weekend should be one of celebration.

Why?" he asked.

Because it's graduation weekend!" I replied.

But you're not even going to the ceremony."


So, you're gonna celebrate a ceremony you're not even participating in?"

"Uh.... YEAH," I said, which caused him to chuckle. Then there was eye rolling... his, not mine.

I don't think he has any problem with my celebrating my degree completion, he just figures I've already graduated. But the way I look at it, the specific date of my graduation is May 23, 2009. Just because I'm not at the shindig physically doesn't mean I'm not a graduate of that class, right? I mean, I'll be there in spirit. It's just that my body won't be there for 4 hours amongst a bunch of really young people wearing square, tassled hats and robes listening to Bobby Jindal speak about how we should approach our bright futures. I'd rather have a tooth pulled.

But I'm still gonna celebrate the big day. Wooo!


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