Campaigns and other stuff

For the third year in a row, my house has been transformed to campaign headquarters. My child has decided to run for the presidency... of the student council. So for the past several nights we've been up late making posters and campaign buttons. I'm so thankful that I still have my banner-making skills from years of being a cheerleader in high school and junior high. I spent many an afternoon on the floor of the cheerleader room writing block letters and drawing pictures... that experience has come in handy in my daughter's political aspirations.

And then there's the speech... I think we hit a homerun on the the speech this year. We discussed some ideas Monday night, and then Tuesday I wrote a rough draft for her to look at and revise. But she liked it as is! No changes at all! I was proud. She took it to school to let some of her buddies read it, and they liked it, too. So we're all set.

She will give the speech to the 4th through the 8th grade classes of her school Friday. She is once again running against a young man we both adore, who is without question one of the nicest, smartest, most polite boys we know. He beat my child in last year's VP elections. So we know it's very possible that he will win again. But my girl is still excited to get up in front of the school and "do her thing."

And that's what's so awe-inspiring to me. My kid is 13 years old and has already run for office twice before, meaning she's given a speech in front of the school for two straight years and can't wait to do it again. A couple of years ago she begged me to allow her to emcee my variety show at the Dixie Theater. I let her do it, though a bit fearful she might chicken out at the last minute. My fears were unfounded. She did a fantastic job. Her diction was clear, her inflections were perfect and her comedic timing was brilliant. AND SHE WAS ONLY 11 YEARS OLD.

So now, at the age of 13, she is a pro. She has absolutely no fear of public speaking. Amazing, huh? I know full grown human beings who are terrified to speak to an audience. But not my girl! I cannot even imagine all the things she could accomplish in her life. I'm such a proud mom!


There's another round of storms heading our way this morning. Two of our residents spotted tornados out here Friday, and the grounds crew said we already have over 100 trees down around the golf course. I drove out here Saturday afternoon and saw that several really tall pine trees had been snapped up high, leaving a huge mess for the crew to clean up. Now, even without a tornado, the ground is already so saturated from all the rain we've had, that when heavy winds hit, trees can simply uproot. That's what scares me the most.

I have several enormous trees around my house. If any of them go down, it will be a very bad thing. I hope these storms pass through without incident.

I sure will be happy to see the sun.


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