Medically speaking...

Well, this has definitely been a medically-focused week.

I had to take my child to an orthopedic surgeon Tuesday afternoon. She has a ganglion cyst on the top side of her hand, close to her wrist. I am told this is common in cheerleaders and gymnasts because of the constant strain these activities place on the wrists. The doctor is an old friend (his sister and I grew up together) so I felt comfortable taking my daughter to see him.

The doc decided the best course of action would be to inject the cyst with cortisone to try and dissolve the gunk inside. So he sprayed her hand with freezing spray, then he injected her hand with something to numb it. THEN he injected the cyst twice with cortisone. My kid amazed me... she handled it like a trooper.

I would've passed out.

She's now wearing a splint to keep her wrist from bending for the next two weeks, after which I will take her back to the doc. If the cortisone didn't do the trick, then Doc says he will have to remove the cyst surgically. As a protective mother, I am, of course, rooting for the cortisone.


A couple of people I care about are going through traumatic times in their lives. One friend's mother was just diagnosed with cancer; another friend's husband is in the hospital due to a terrible accident. I don't want to write their names on this public forum, but if you would just keep these anonymous friends of mine in your prayers, I'd be extremely grateful.


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