Snakes and Shopping

It's raining, it's pouring.
The old man is snoring.
Went to bed with a chicken on his head,
and had an egg in the morning.

I know that's not exactly how the old rhyme goes, but that's the way I've been singing it since I was in grade school and learned how to re-write lyrics to songs. I thought it was funnier that way, and I didn't like the idea of anybody - chicken or not - bumping their head so hard they couldn't get up the next day. That's Concussion City, Sweetheart, and not a fun thing to joke about.

Neither is all this rain we've been having. And I'll give you a couple of reasons why.

First reason? Snakes. Apparently even the snakes are trying to find higher ground. One very large, brown, creepy creature, much like the one in the photo above, made its way up my driveway Thursday as I was pulling in. I had just opened the garage with the remote, and Mr. Slithers began easing toward the opening door, which put me into panic mode. I hit the accelerator and tried to run him over, but when I backed up again, I didn't see any squished boneless reptiles in the drive. I missed, dang it! I think it's probably because I'm now driving a "mom car;" I traded the cute little convertible for a car that has more room so I can haul cheerleaders (mine and a couple more) to various sporting events. (And no, it's not a minivan. You will NEVER see me driving a minivan. Just ain't gonna happen.) See, if I had been driving my old Firebird or the convertible, I'd have squished him, no question. But I guess there's just some sort of cosmic reason you can't run over live creatures with a "mom car."

At any rate, I don't know where he went. I've had a couple of nightmares about Mr. Slithers. I'm kinda scared he's gonna eat my dog. And that would pretty much suck.

Now, on to reason number 2. (Drumroll, please.....)

The second reason why this month-long downpour is not much fun is because of a little game called BINGO!!!! Ugh.

We have Bingo the second Tuesday of every month here at the club. Being the events person, I am responsible for putting together the prize packages. This is a picture of the corner of my office. In it, you will notice various stuff in the chairs and on the floor. These are bingo prize packages. I shopped for them this morning. In the rain.

Let me make this clear. I REALLY like my job. I really do. But I DETEST shopping for bingo prizes. It's the one part of my job that I wish I could pass on to someone else. I'm not sure why, exactly. Maybe it's because I have to think so hard when doing it. See... I have to shop with the idea of grouping things into 5 different categories. This month, there's a kid's package, a Halloween cooking package, a "harvest home" package... and on like that. It's not like just running to the store to buy stuff. I have to figure out while shopping what to buy so that I can group it together.

And it's really not much fun in the rain.

Once I get everything to my office, I have to figure out how to put it all together so that (1) the game participants can see everything in this particular package and
(2)it looks cute. Putting these prizes together typically involves a box cutter, tissue paper and raffia ribbon. I wasn't feeling too creative in the wrapping department today. Probably because I'm still soggy from the shopping experience.

But it's done for the month! Yea!

So now, I have to start working on the Halloween events, one of which is our annual haunted house. Now THIS part of my job, I like!

Hopefully, it will stop raining by then.


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