Halloween Tricks and Treats... and other stuff

It's been a very interesting and event-filled weekend.

Friday night we had the Kids Club Carnival and Hayride at the club. Picture 75 children, ages 3 to 12 all decked out in their Halloween costumes playing games, eating candy and riding a hayride from 6:30-10:00 pm. Because our photographer extraordinaire was unavailable for this little shindig, I served in her place, while 12 other adults led groups around to the different game stations. In this photo, several of the little ghosts and goblins are "being scary!!!" They were precious!

Saturday night was our Teen Haunted House. We had about 20 on the "haunting crew," including our computer tech, Brian, and me, who both took the lead in planning and initiation. It's a really tough thing to pull off. I ended up with the tour guide role, while Brian operated the chain saw at the end of the tour. We had about 80 teens show up, half of which went through a second and even third time. They were in groups of 4-5, which means I ran through that house a zillion times. A big thank you goes out to Kim Bailey for the picture. In it, I'm having to practically pull this group of terrified teens through the end of the tour. It was hysterical! But after leading about 25 tours through, my feet and back were killing me. By the time I got home at 11:30, I was exhausted.

Other than church on Sunday, I did nothing but read and lounge. My body wouldn't let me do anything else!

Monday was actually part of my weekend; after working about 24 hours total through Friday and Saturday, I decided to take the day off. So what did I do with my time? I had a mammogram!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I drove through the pouring rain to Shrevesville to have my boob squished between two plates for about half an hour. Pleasant, huh?

The things we do for our health...

I have to say, though, for any of you ladies who have not yet had to go through this, that today's digital mammograms are a far cry from the painful experiences women had to endure just 4 or 5 years ago. The digital version is not painful. Now, that's not to say that having your bare self put in awkward positions for the sake of X-rays is comfortable by any means. But it doesn't hurt. And therefore, it shouldn't be feared. So if you've been putting off this incredibly important procedure for fear of pain... get over it! Make your appointment and bare it, Sister! You and those who love you will be glad you did. It's one of the most important things a woman can do for herself.


Robert said…
Great PSA Nea!! i just read an article about a couple that had breast cancer at the same time!! imagine the odds of you AND your spouse having it simultaneously!! Men, don't forget that you can have breast cancer also. I've actually had a mammogram also, but i had one more out of curiosity and understanding than i did for necessity.
Linnea said…
Robert -

My apologies to all the men-folk out there! You are absolutely correct... men can get breast cancer, too. And kudos to you for undergoing a mammogram!

Here is a webpage that gives more information on male breast cancer:


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