Here comes the sun... and I say... it's alright!

Today, my favorite color is blue. I say that because seeing the sky without dark gray clouds is such a blessing. It seems that the blue of the sky is even more vivid than normal... probably because it's been so long since I've seen it. Today's sunshine truly picked up my spirits.

We came away from the storm unscathed, so that's good.

My child did not win her election.. so that's not so good. But she said she did a good job, and was pleased with her speech performance. Plus she's hanging with a friend tonight, so the blues from the loss only lasted a little while. Now it's all about the weekend!

I've had a brutally busy couple of months, mostly involving putting together the new website for my workplace. I've locked myself in my office for days at a time writing copy, formatting pictures, creating links... it's been a beast. But TODAY I FINISHED!!!! I swear, I feel like I've just given birth.

I said that very thing to the world's best boss today and he replied, "Really? I didn't hear any screaming in there."

Every guy's a comedian.

Nevertheless, this weekend I can finally relax and unwind, without worrying about how much work is left for me to do come Monday. Next week I can fully devote my time to creating our annual haunted house. What a great job I have!

This evening, I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy the last little bit of sunshine this day has to offer. Tomorrow, I'll hang with friends at the local college football game, and hit the church house on Sunday.

Happy weekend to ya!


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